Programme "Agreements" - Mediation

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Programme "Agreements" - Mediation

Programme "Agreements" started on 1.01.2012, initiated by the management of the Regional Court of the town of Balchik.
The program aims to help reducing the Case Flow, to increase public confidence in the judiciary, giving the parties of the court cases, the opportunity  voluntarily to resolve their dispute with the help of trained judicial officer - mediator and provide the link between mediation and judicial proceedings.
Assistance to the parties of the filed cases under the Programme "Agreements" is entirely free.
  • Referral to mediation by the court
  • Training and establishment of a qualified team
  • providing information to parties on the possibility to resolve their dispute in a voluntary way by the use of the Programme "Agreements" providing administrative assistance from the judicial officer - coordinator for the organization of the time and place of the meetings with the mediator to resolve the dispute
  • Technical support of the Programme “Agreements”
  • The programme involves judges and qualified court officials: court official - coordinator and an employee-mediator.
  • The judges asked the parties to reach a settlement through amicable settlement of disputes, including and mediation
  • The judges inform the parties on the possibility to settle their dispute through the Programme "Agreements"
  • Judicial Officer-Coordinator provides administrative assistance to the parties- provides information, brochures.
  • Judicial staff - trained Mediator operates completely voluntary and free to all parties in pending cases before the Regional court - Balchik.
  • The management, coordination, analysis and control of the programme are implemented by the Administrative Secretary.
  • For the program the Regional Court - the town of Balchik provides information to the citizens through the website of the court, by the local press and media, the information panel of the court, through brochures
  • Provides some information to state, municipal, bank and financial institutions
The mediation is a voluntary, informal and confidential process for resolving disputes where a third party - a mediator assists the disputing parties to reach an agreement.
In the mediation all matters are settled by mutual agreement of the parties.
WHO is a mediator?
A third, impartial, neutral and independent person specially trained to assist the parties to reach an agreement. The mediator does not decide and not offer a solution to the dispute; he helps the parties to discover the essence of the dispute, to improve communication between them, to discuss all available options to resolve the dispute.
Procedures for mediation may be initiated by:
  • each of the parties of the dispute,
  • by all parties of the dispute
  • the court or other competent authority before which the dispute is submitted for resolving 
When MEDIATION is applicable?
  • The mediation is applicable at any stage of the dispute: immediately after its occurrence, before carrying it in the court, at any stage of the proceedings till a judgment is pronounced.
  • In civil litigation: property, neighbours, domestic, consumer, tort, tenant relations, trade disputes, labor disputes, family disputes, contractual claims, administrative disputes and others.
  • In criminal cases - cases NCHH / Criminal matters of a private nature /
ADVANTAGES OF MEDIATION: The parties determine the outcome, the parties control the procedure, build, restore and preserve trust to each other, recognize and report the full interests of the parties themselves, saving time, money and emotions.
  • The participation in mediation is completely voluntary procedure itself and begins when the parties declare their willingness to participate. The court gives the parties an appropriate period in which they start and / or conduct mediation.
  • Upon successful mediation - an agreement between the parties can be approved by the court. In reaching an agreement in a dispute pending, the court returns half of the paid state fee.
  • Upon unsuccessful mediation - the absence of an agreement between the parties. The case continues in the court, and by no means the rights and/or interests of the parties are affected and in no way it is influenced by the mediation procedure.




  • Contacts: 
For further information
or  participation, contact us at:  
the town of Balchik,
“Stara Planina”Str. №2
  • Judical Coordinator:
Nelly Gavrailova 
0579 75044, 0882 741886
  • Mediator: 
Miglena Yordanova 
0887 598143 
A schedule of the mediator:
Every day from 17.00 to 18.00.